Sustainable Logistics and Packaging

The logistics sector is the complex network that brings the modern world together. Exactly because of its huge importance in the global supply chain, it is a priority to implement sustainable solutions.

Submission Deadline – Nov 20th 2022

Nov 10th – 25th 2022
Dec 1st 2022


With the steady growth of e-commerce, the number of delivered packaged is also growing. The arising sustainability issues are in two major areas – emissions from transportation and waste from packaging.
Delivery companies try to optimize their routes and shipments, so that they make deliveries as efficient as possible. However, the so called “last mile” deliveries continue to be a logistical (and sustainable) challenge.
On the other hand, in most cases, the deliveries are made in single-use packaging. The fact that it is not reused, but thrown away, causes the negative environmental impact. In addition, some items are delivered in boxes that are much bigger than the product itself. This leads to additional waste from the filling, and emissions from the unused space in the delivery truck.
The solution:
We are looking for viable solutions in optimizing delivery logistics and sustainable packaging design.

packages/day delivered


global CO2 emissions


logistics market size

Challenge by:


GreenUP is a platform for sustainable solutions and green innovations. Our aim is to build a community, driven by entrepreneurs, that tackles the biggest challenges of the 21st century. We are ready to help you build your solution from the ground up and connect you with the right partners for successful startup.

Solutions we are looking for:

  • Packaging with sustainable design or material
  • Optimizing delivery processes, sustainable "last mile" logistics
  • Circular delivery processes or reverse logistics for packaging
  • Nudging consumers towards more sustainable online shopping

Who are we looking for:

  • Startup entrepreneurs/teams
  • Academic talents
  • Companies with market ready solutions

What’s in it for you:

  • Idea Validation and Proof of Concept
  • Investment, Legal, and Business Development Support
  • Industry Expertise Support, Marketing and PR Support
  • 2000 BGN Cash Prize for best solution for '22 Cohort

Target Areas


Reverse Logistics

Circular Models