Food and Sustainable Agriculture

There will be nearly 10 billion people on Earth by 2050—about 3 billion more mouths to feed than there were in 2010. Efficient agriculture and food production is not only a question of sustainability, but survival.

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Submission Deadline – Nov 20th 2022

Nov 10th – 25th 2022
Dec 1st 2022


Agriculture is, by its very nature, a major user of natural resources, although in different ways and to different extents depending on farming system.
One area in need of improvement is digitalization and optimization of resources – this could be systems helping farmers monitor inputs and outputs or automation through algorithms.
At the same time, roughly one‐third of food produced is lost or wasted globally. Food is lost or wasted throughout the supply chain, from initial agricultural production down to final consumption.
The challenge:
We are looking for viable solutions in the fields of agricultural technology and food production and waste management.

water waste


t/year food waste


hungry people

Challenge by:



VANGAVIS is an innovation company focusing on the key industries that will shape the future of our society. We support startups, corporates and industry associations on their way to grow and prosper by the approach of interconnected ecosystems.

Botanica Life

Botanica Life Foundation is a non-governmental organization for public benefit that supports entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation among young people in the fields of ecology, agriculture, horticulture and permaculture.

Solutions we are looking for:

  • Agricultural resource optimization technologies
  • Innovative farming services
  • Food waste reduction
  • Food and Agro supply chain optimization

Who are we looking for:

  • Startup entrepreneurs/teams
  • Academic talents
  • Companies with market ready solutions

What’s in it for you:

  • Idea Validation and Proof of Concept
  • Investment, Legal, and Business Development Support
  • Industry Expertise Support, Marketing and PR Support
  • 2000 BGN Cash Prize for best solution for '22 Cohort

Special Grant by Botanica Life:

  • By submitting a solution to this challenge individuals also have the chance of receiving additional Grant Prize provided by Botanica Life
  • 2400 BGN Personal Grant for realizing solutions matching the below criteria

Special Grant applies to solutions for:

  • Preserving life in the soil and regeneration of the humus layer
  • Preserving biodiversity of agricultural land
  • Sustainable use of water resources on agricultural land

Target Areas


Agro Technologies


Food Waste


Supply Chain