Green Building –  Circular Materials or Waste Management

The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of natural resources. It primarily uses 40 percent of the world’s resources directly or indirectly as construction materials for developing buildings and infrastructure.

Submission Deadline – Nov 20th 2022

Nov 10th – 25th 2022
Dec 1st 2022


While the industry is one of the larger contributors to climate change, it also has an opportunity to enact positive change.
Innovation can play a key role in sustainability as the construction industry actively seeks ways to enhance processes, products and established working models.
The solution:
We are looking for viable solutions in the fields of construction material innovation and construction waste management.

natural resources


global CO2 emissions


tonnes plastic waste / year

Challenge by:



VANGAVIS is an innovation company focusing on the key industries that will shape the future of our society. We support startups, corporates and industry associations on their way to grow and prosper. Like mother nature, we follow the approach of interconnected ecosystems, a cradle-to-cradle life cycle and a sustainable way of doing business and co-existing.

Solutions we are looking for:

  • New ways to decrease the use of raw materials.
  • Innovative use of recycled materials to substitute non-sustainable ones
  • Modular materials that allow multiple reuse
  • Logistics and waste management on construction sites
  • Technology for reducing air pollution from construction

Who are we looking for:

  • Startup entrepreneurs/teams
  • Academic talents
  • Companies with market ready solutions

What’s in it for you:

  • Idea Validation and Proof of Concept
  • Investment, Legal, and Business Development Support
  • Industry Expertise Support, Marketing and PR Support
  • 2000 BGN Cash Prize for best solution for '22 Cohort

Target Areas


Raw Materials


Waste Management